Or send him a text message: (908) 989-0484

UPDATE: Due to high demand and heavy call volume the best way 
to reach me is by sending an email to tom@welcomehomehandyman.com 
or by sending a text message to (908) 989-0484

Welcome Home!                          

Looking for an honest, professional, reliable, knowledgeable, courteous, clean, responsive, and friendly home services professional? Tom at Welcome Home Handyman Services is all of the above and more.

Everyone has the "Honey-Do List"...all those projects that remain undone for years, keeping your spouse or significant-other on edge. Life is busy and we know how much anxiety all these little projects create. We specialize in helping you do away with the "Honey-Do List", from squeaky doors to drafty windows, finish trim work to tiling, furniture assembly to attic insulation, plumbing to electrical, lighting installation to kitchen and bath repair -- and so, so much more -- we've got you covered on all fronts- inside and out.

We want to be the first contact you make with any home repair or project that comes up. We will come in and give you an honest estimate and always let you know if the scope of the project changes due to unforeseen circumstances. We don't like surprises and neither should you. We want to be YOUR go-to guys in home improvement, repair and services. Invite us in today and let us take care of YOUR Honey-Do list!

Welcome Home Handyman is a FULLY-Licensed and FULLY-Insured Home Improvement contractor in the State of NJ.

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